Hello dear readers! Welcome to the site!

I’m so excited you are here! You’re on this page because you are probably wondering, ‘Story, Everlasting’, what’s that about? Or, who is this girl writing so excitedly?

Well, let me answer those questions for you.

First, The Blog.

Young Girl Reading, or The Reader  is an 18th-century oil painting by Jean-Honoré Fragonard – One of my favourite paintings

I started this blog because as a book lover I long to find and talk to people about books. I adore everything about them and the older the better. I love to travel around (locally and abroad) and visit anything remotely bookish from bookstores and libraries to buildings and parks where book adaptations are based or filmed. I scoured the internet trying to find one website that would tell me where these places are and you know what I found? Nothing. Zip. Nil. Don’t get me wrong, there may be an article here or there from different websites saying this is Jane Austen’s house or this where Game of Thrones is filmed. But one destination that states all of this? Doesn’t exist. I thought, why don’t I do it? BAM! ‘Story, Everlasting’ was born. But why ‘Story, Everlasting’ you ask?

Simple. What we read has an influence whether it be small or large. It helps us become who we are whether it leads to a conversation, inspires us or teaches us something. Stories affect us. Remarkably, good books still affect their audience years, decades or even centuries after their writers are gone. The stories we tell can still be told and they can still teach us something whether about ourselves, society or give us a snapshot of a time. Stories are everlasting. It is our endless fascination, love and perhaps hate of a story that allows it to do so. We the readers, make the story everlasting. And hopefully, this blog will encourage you to spread the word on your favourite stories and explore new ones you can fall in love with as well.

I love reading most ardently. There is just something about imagining and creating your own version of the story. This story can be completely different to you despite reading the printed words of someone else. Isn’t that remarkable?

I love stories in all forms but physical books are my favourite. These stacks of printed pages become infused with the times you read and a part of your very soul. Have you ever picked up a book you haven’t opened for years and been instantly transported? The memories flood back to you and sometimes you find things you often left behind. Perhaps it was a memory left in a sentence, tea stain or some flowers you left pressed amongst the pages. Regardless, books have a way of transporting you because that book is now a part of you.


Look it’s me, Ashlee! Taken with my phone and B612 App.

Woah. That was a lot to take in, wasn’t it? Now, let me introduce myself. I am in my early twenties and for the sake of being more succinct, here are some bullet points just to get to know me a little more. After all, we’ll get to know each other better in time.

Fun Facts:
When I smile, my eyes disappear. Almond eyed girls unite!

I am the eldest daughter of two. My sister is two years younger than me.

Other Loves:

Ice-cream and cupcakes – They are happiness you can eat!

Salted caramel anything


A day at the zoo

Animals and wildlife


Old movies

My favourite book is Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen. I first read it when I was 10 or 12 and I fell in love with the story instantly. I know you aren’t meant to have a favourite book, but this book helped me get through some rough times so, for that reason, Pride and Prejudice will always have a special place in my heart.